Tale of the RapidLotus LED Tail Lights

My LED light kits were born out of the need to replace a set of sun-baked and cracked OEM lights and I just did not like the looks of them anyways.  I found industrial grade tail light assemblies and 3D printed the bezel to perfectly fit the tail light hole.  The original mounting hardware is retained so no modifications are required.  A custom wiring harness finishes off the kit and plugs directly into the OEM wiring harness so there is no cutting/splicing/soldering required!

There are currently 3 generations of the lights that I have made.  Each iteration involved improvements in functionality and safety. I can make any of the three types and even blend the functionality of each.  Please read the description and watch the video for each.  Pay special attention to the way the lights light up for each function such as tail light, brake light, turn signal, and reverse light.

Type 1 LED Tail Lights

The Type 1 tail lights were my first iteration from early 2018.  They feature mirror finish inside lights which function as back up lights and either red or mirror finished light on the outside locations that fulfill the tail light, brake light and turn signal functions.  Watch the video and you will see what I mean.

Type 2 LED Tail Lights

The second iteration of my tail lights came about when I decided I wanted all four lights to function as tail lights and brake lights instead of just the outside two.  Turn signal functionality remains on only the two outside lights.  This was a saferty enhancement by doubling the amount of light at night and during braking.   The backup light function was moved to separate backup lights mounted on the license plate frame. 

Type 3 LED Tail Lights

I consider Type 3 to be my favorite.  It takes the features of Type 2 and provides tail light, brake light, turn signal, and backup lights on all four lights.  I added super bright angel eye LED rings around each light to provide incredible lighting for when you are backing up.  I can also smoke tint the angel eyes to make them far less obvious.

Tail Light Covers

These tail light covers fit all tail light kits and add extra flair to the LED lights.  The circle is sized to accentuate the depth of the light when illuminated.